“The proper usage of a plant or herb, during which its true power is released, implies a communion with it. The plant, when we are one with it, will vitalize our nervous system and invigorate our perception. Each plant then, like a mantra, will help to actualize the potential of cosmic life of which it is a representative.” -Dr. David Frawley and Dr. Vasant Lad, The Yoga of Herbs
Sundial Medicinals herbal products are created with a vision of effective and holistic health. It is our mission to inspire individuals to use herbal medicine for the ailments and imbalances of life. The formulas are intended to balance body systems and create harmony with form, function, and spirit of the person as a whole.

All herbs used are either grown holistically by the herbalist, ethically wildcrafted, or are certified organic. Sandstone spring water is used in all products to preserve the wild energetics of the medicine and to limit the intake of chemically treated water. The optimal extraction methods are always used, including fresh vs. dry plant matter, and the ideal alcohol ratios are used in extracts to ensure the best potency possible.



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